Welcome at Oostwaard

Oostwaard is the firm of Roelof van Holthe tot Echten, who has been a lawyer for almost 40 years.

First as a partner in one of the larger law firms and since 2001 with his own firm. Van Holthe thinks along with entrepreneurs when making strategic decisions.

Over the years he has become well-known in the field of art, culture and restitution cases. For example, he successfully recovered hundreds of works of art that had been stolen from art dealer Jacques Goudstikker during the Second World War. The Dutch government had owned these works of art for over fifty years. After more than ten years of perseverance, intensive research and litigation, the works of art were returned. He is active and skilled in archival research, publishing and giving lectures in the field of Art Law.

His blog on Art Law called 'The back of the painting' offers a legal insight into legal aspects of Art & Law. 

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