International Bar Association

The International Bar Association is an association of international legal practitioners, bar associations and solicitors' associations. The IBA currently has more than 80,000 individual lawyers and 190 bar associations.


American Bar Association

The ABA is an American national professional association of lawyers. The ABA has nearly 400,000 members, making it the largest professional association of lawyers in the world. It unites lawyers and law students on a voluntary basis. Its goals include establishing codes of ethics for the legal profession, setting academic standards for law schools and providing training for its members.

Association Art, Culture, Law

The Art, Culture, Law Association was founded at the beginning of 2002. It was prompted by the increasing number of legal questions facing the arts and culture sector. The association wants to promote the study of these questions. The association aims to stimulate discussion by holding regular seminars and setting up ad hoc research projects. Members of the association are lawyers and non-lawyers.


Dutch Association for Procedural Law

The NVvP is a flourishing association, established on 29 January 1979. The purpose of the NVvP is 'the study and dissemination of knowledge about subjects of civil and administrative procedural law and of judicial organisation in a national or international context, both in practice and in theory'.